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No one wants to have a dental emergency. But they can happen to the best of us. One minute you are biting into a sandwich and the next thing you know half of your tooth is in your hand. One minute a pain that was nagging but dull is suddenly keeping you up at night.

We know that tooth pain can interfere with your ability to eat, drink, work, sleep and even think. We are here to help. We offer extended hours, including Saturday appointments, and are happy to see emergency appointments the same day.

Even if you are not in pain, such as when a tooth is broken or lost, it is still extremely important to be evaluated as soon as possible. Often time is of the essence and the first several hours after the incident or accident can determine the prognosis of the affected tooth.

Dr. Hansen is highly skilled but also very sensitive and ethical. Our entire staff will treat your dental emergency the way we would want our own treated…promptly and with compassion.

And we will do whatever we can to get you back out of pain and back to your life.

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