Dental Exams and X-rays

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There are several types of radiographic images that can be taken of the head and neck.

In our office, the three most common are bitewing, periapical, and panoramic radiographs.

  • Bitewings allow the Dr. Hansen to detect cavities that have developed between the teeth that are not usually able to be detected clinically. Generally, we take four bitewings every year for one of the two comprehensive exams patients receive during their dental hygiene appointments.
  • Periapical radiographs allow Dr. Hansen to see the entire tooth, including the root and bone and supporting structures surrounding it. These are most often taken as needed, rather than routinely.
  • Panoramic radiographs are very informative as they provide information on the entire oral cavity at once. These are typically taken about once every two to five years.

If you are a new patient and have radiographs you would like to have transferred to our office, it is worthwhile to do so if the bitewings are less than one-year-old and if the panoramic film is less than 5 years old. Please fill out the Records Release Form here so that we can request them for you!

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